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Celebrating the Sweeter Side of Disney

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Featured Eatery:
The Main Street Confectionery

The Main Street Confectionery

The Main Street Confectionery transports you back to the sweet shops of yore. You’ll find a HUGE selection of cupcakes and other pastries, as well as shelves and shelves of Disney-themed lollipops, candy, cookies, and more! The Confectionery specializes in caramel apples and whimsically themed Rice Krispie treats, which you can see being made by the Disney bakers right before your eyes. You’ll also find a great selection of souvenirs (but let’s face it, the sweets are the reason we’re here!)

The WDWCupcakes Blog

3005, 2021

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Caramel Delights in World Showcase Did you know that National Caramel Day takes place in April? (Did you even KNOW there was a National Caramel Day?) We always think it's the perfect time to celebrate the gooey sweet goodness of caramel, and thankfully you can indulge your sweet tooth all year 'round at the [...]

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