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Did you know that National Caramel Day takes place in April? (Did you even KNOW there was a National Caramel Day?) We always think it’s the perfect time to celebrate the gooey sweet goodness of caramel, and thankfully you can indulge your sweet tooth all year ’round at the Karamell-Küche shop in the Germany pavilion in World Showcase! Karamell-Küche means Caramel Kitchen, and inside you’ll find everything from salted pretzels to indulgent chocolate chip cookies. But today, we’re here for the caramel, so let’s take a look at some of the delights you can find inside!

1. Caramel Flight

Caramel Flight

Can’t make up your mind? The Caramel Flight offers up a sampling of several flavors with change throughout the year. This past spring, the selection included  limoncello with candied lemon, margarita with lime jelly candy and salt crystals, mojito with mint and a drizzle of white chocolate and cherry blossom covered in dark chocolate. Yum! We can’t wait to see what’s in store for the holiday season!

2. Caramel Apples

Caramel Apples

Does the inclusion of an apple make this a healthy snack? That works for us! If you love caramel apples you’ll love the variety of treats that Karamell-Küche offers up, everything from the classic caramel apple to apples dusted in nuts and white chocolate. MMMMM….

3. Caramels To Go!

Werthers Originals

Want to enjoy that caramel goodness all day long (or back in your room)? You can pick up a bag of individually wrapped  Werther’s Originals to enjoy throughout the rest of your stay! (You can even grab some individual caramels, which have the added distinction of being one of the least expensive snacks in all of Walt Disney World!) Try out the Werther’s Original Vanilla Crème Soft Caramels, or (our favorite when they’re available), the Caramel Apple individuals!

Photos courtesy of the Disney Blog

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